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6 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

August 11, 2015
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It’s virtually impossible to go through life and business without a smartphone in hand and a number of handy apps to go along with it. Don’t just limit yourself to the basics though – apps have grown to help anyone get anything done. Optimizing your life and productivity can make a world of difference in the time you spend occupied in the nit-picky details of business and the time you spend doing actual work and whatever you want. Make your workday faster and easier with our suggestions on the best apps to boost your productivity.



Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac, Web

Money, money, money. Let’s be honest, when you’re busy at work there’s no time to be worrying over tracking your expenses, let alone remembering when your bills are due. That’s where Mint comes in, an extraordinary personal finance app that allows you to easily track your spending, create a budget, receive bill reminders, pull up all your accounts, cards, and investments, and even get customized tips on how you can save money. Connections to your financial accounts are all completely safe and secure, and better yet you can access Mint from your phone, tablet, or Web, allowing you to manage your money in a cinch.Mint app logo

Dr. Cleaner

Compatibility: Mac

Frustrated with your ever increasingly slow computer? Overtime, your Mac can get bogged down by cache, temporary, and junk files, and cluttered with large unnecessary apps and files that you may not even remember having. Dr. Cleaner is the best way to clean and optimize your Mac so that it performs faster than ever. The interface is simple and easy to use, has a configurable disk cleaner and memory optimizer, and runs quietly in the background so it never disrupts your logo


Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac, Web

Wunderlist perfects the to-do list and makes it amazingly easy to collaborate on work or a project with your team and colleagues. The app allows you to create a to-do list, share it, and assign individual tasks to those involved. It also has a convenient chat feature, allowing you to communicate to those within the to-do list without having to resort to using mass emails or other apps. Organization is a breeze with the ability to add notes, attach photos, PDFs, presentations, and group lists into different folders. Not only that, but you can create due dates and reminder notifications to ensure that no one misses a deadline.Wunderlist app logo


Compatibility: iOS, Android, Web

Think of Trello as a virtual sticky note board where you can create and arrange cards for both work and personal life. With everything displayed visually in one place, organization and projects are easy to keep track of. Checklists, comments, photos, labels, and due dates are all available for each card, and the cards themselves can be shared or assigned among co-workers and friends. Drag-and-drop features let you recreate your board at any time for flexible organization.

Trello app logo

Sunrise Calendar

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

Keep track of all the events in your life with Sunrise Calendar, a wonderfully designed app that has the ability to automatically sync and connect with all your other online calendars, to-do lists, and apps (try it out with Wunderlist or Trello!) The user interface works smoothly and lets you seamlessly glide from one month to another, and allows you to easily create or accept invites to events. With Sunrise, you really won’t need any other calendar in your life.Sunrise calendar app logo


Compatibility: iOS

Honestly, it’s incredibly difficult to remember every single minor detail about a client or potential business partner, yet knowing these details can be absolutely essential to building positive relationships and networks. Humin helps you remember your relationships by integrating reminders right into your contacts list, allowing you to go into your next meeting more prepared than before. By simply entering an email or phone number, Humin can automatically fill the profile with a photo and name, as well as save the context of where and when you met and if you happen to have any mutual friends. Finding these contacts is easy too – simply type in anything you might remember about them (e.g. “Works at CorporateStays” or “Met last week”) and Humin searches your contacts for you.Humin app logo



Once you integrate these apps into your life, you’ll be able to rest easier and focus more on what needs to be done. Our corporate furnished apartments help you stay productive thanks to useful amenities such as high speed internet, a desk and much more!



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