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Why You Should Relocate to Costa Rica

April 13, 2017
Relocate to Costa Rica
If the opportunity to relocate to Costa Rica comes your way, it may seem too good to be true. But thinking outside the box and exploring new possibilities can easily lead you away from the concrete jungle into the tropical isles of Costa Rica. Here are the top 5 reasons you should relocate to Costa Rica.

Relocate to Costa Rica Reason #1: The View
Relocate to Costa Rica Reason

Let’s not kid ourselves, the most obvious reason you should relocate to Costa Rica is the view. Why set a desktop wallpaper when you can live in one? Not only will you be surrounded by some of the most colourful flora and fauna, you’ll have 800 miles of coastline to explore! And your Instagram game has never been this strong

Relocate to Costa Rica Reason #2: Business Sense

Relocate to Costa Rica
Despite the economic crisis in 2008, Costa Rica’s economy had been growing steadily since 2010. It has evolved from an economy who’s income depended entirely on tourism and agriculture, to one now spread into electronics exports, medical manufacturing, and IT services. A growing infrastructure and youthful outlook on expansion are also ideal elements for a star up business!

Relocate to Costa Rica Reason #3: The Food

Relocate to Costa Rica
Incorporating the freshest fruits and vegetables, Costa Rican cuisine is something everyone should try at least once in their lives. The big highlight here is that the tropical location of the country means exotic fruits and veggies readily available at all times. Beyond their local dishes, there is a selection of Italian, Japanese, and Peruvian restaurants heavily inspired by Costa Rica’s traditional cuisine. This makes for a world of flavour you can’t find anywhere else!
Check out more of what Costa Rican cuisine has to offer right here.

Relocate  to Costa Rica Reason #4: The Accommodations

Relocate to Costa Rica
January 2017 marked CorporateStays’ expansion into Costa Rica. This new project is exciting for us and for anyone seeking relocation to Costa Rica! We bring our high quality and standards to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The combination of a contemporary design in a lustrous setting. Take a look at our location in San Jose for yourself!

Relocate to Costa Rica Reason #5: Your Health

Relocating to Costa Rica - 4
Working is very often associated with stress, no matter the industry. With quitting your job or burning out becoming normalized as options, why not turn the tables in your favour? By working in the lush paradisal coasts of Costa Rica, you allow yourself to relax while maintaining your career. And sometimes, change can make the work of difference to how you live your life and your perception of it!
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5 Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica In 2017

February 15, 2017
business travel insights

Recently, CorporateStays proudly announced expansion into Central America with our newest building in Costa Rica. For many, Costa Rica is a lesser known country with much to offer. So to help you get your bearings before a business trip, here are five great business travel insights as to what it’s actually like to travel on business down south.


Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #1: Lay of the Land

business travel insights

Before you fly anywhere, it’s good practice to check out your country’s travel advisory for the country you’ll be travelling to. In particular Central and South America. While, traditionally, they have gotten a bad rap in terms of safety, it really depends where you’re flying to. In this case, Costa Rica has one of the highest safety reputations in Central America. You can get more information about the current state of the country here.


Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #2: Trust Your Gut

business travel insights

If you’ve ever traveled to the tropics, you know what that means in terms of food. A colorful, beautiful selection of natural ingredients that can potentially make you sick! The one thing that no one can really anticipate is how their body will react to food from the tropics. For all you know you could adapt instantly! Don’t let any of this detract you from trying everything under the sun though, unless you think it’s been there longer than it should have! Open-mindedness about other culture’s foods can be a gateway to some of the best tasting treats you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting!


Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #3: Sleeping Habits

business travel insights

The good news about Costa Rica is that the time difference is minimal compared to the rest of North America, so adjusting won’t be much of an issue. But catching some shuteye with a loud social world just a few meters away from you will be difficult for some. Social norms dictate that not everyone is in bed by 9, so be prepared for some loud nights! A good tip for light sleepers would be to bring a pair of earplugs, just in case.


Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #4: Brush up on your Spanish

business travel insights

Sure, you won’t be in Costa Rica for that long, but for the time that you are there it would make your life and your experience a whole lot better if you picked up on a few words before you flew down south. Not only will it help with interpersonal business relations, it’ll give you a better read on your surroundings. So whether it’s a business meeting, a night out on the town, or bargaining with a shopkeep, knowing even the most basic words in Spanish can go a long way.


Business Travel Insights For Costa Rica #5:  Worksploration

business travel insights

Just you’re travelling on business doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your trip in one of the most beautiful countries in Central America! Hop on a bus, or grab a cab and find yourself a spot by the beach, jungle, or mountains, and make that your office for the day! You’d be surprised how available a decent wi-fi connection is to find! And worst case, tether your phone’s data and expense it! This is a great way to maximize a short business trip when you wan’t to take in the sights at the same time.




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CorporateStays is Investing in a 60 Unit Corporate Housing Building in Costa Rica

March 28, 2016 is venturing and expanding into new enterprises that will allow our clients to stay in Costa Rica like never before. In partnership with AEISA Construction, is building a new complex in Costa Rica – the first building fully dedicated to corporate housing in the country. Say hello to Arborea Flats, an upscale, luxury housing experience like no other. Launching in the third quarter of 2016, Arborea Flats is made with the same world-class standards is well known for.

The innovative mindset, high quality design, and dedication of AEISA Construction is unparalleled, making it the perfect choice for this new venture. This project enables us to provide even better management and control over the quality of the products that are available to our guests, in addition to meeting the increasing demand for high-end corporate housing options in Costa Rica. Like all CorporateStays properties, guests will be able to connect with our front desk and 24 hour concierge for any helpful tips they may need about the area or services.


Contemporary Style and Unparalleled Amenities

Arborea Flats is designed to be a contemporary oasis, complete with the natural environment in mind. Airy and spacious, it utilizes natural materials to tie in seamlessly with the tropical surroundings, giving the building an eco-conscious and modern atmosphere. Business and leisure travellers alike will be able to appreciate the incredible amount of thought and detail put into making Arborea Flats a charming addition to the Santa Ana region. An expansive gym, sparkling swimming pool, reserved parking spaces for every unit, BBQ and reading area, and front desk and concierge services are all available at Arborea Flats, giving guests everything they would ever need and more.

Advantageous Location

Strategically built in the Santa Ana region of Costa Rica, it takes into account anything a visiting traveller may require. Within walking distance lies convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and a variety of entertainment options from popular restaurants to trendy bars and cinemas. For further convenience, many major business centers and headquarters like the Forum will be nearby, allowing visitors to spend less time travelling and more time being productive and experiencing the area.

Investing Opportunities

The Arborea Flats building will be the ideal choice for any CorporateStays guests looking for interim housing from 1 night to 1 year, ranging from overnight stays to year-long lodgings. Furthermore, interested investors will be able to purchase units of their own directly from CorporateStays, allowing them to enjoy the conveniences and comfort of the building indefinitely.


It is with pleasure that eagerly awaits the completion of Arborea Flats by early September 2016 so that our clients may enjoy this magnificent building for themselves. As a one-stop-shop for all your hospitality needs, rest assured that your next trip to Costa Rica will be completely taken care of!

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Where to Dance in San José, Costa Rica

January 28, 2015
people dancing

With a nightlife as sizzling as its beaches, San José is the ultimate destination for dancing, whether you prefer electronic music or traditional salsa. Here are some of the hottest venues in the capital city.

Club Vertigo

Dress to impress at Club Vertigo, the largest club in San José. This popular venue consistently hosts an impressive roster of DJs from around the world spinning the hottest house, electronic, and hip hop music. Dance the night away under the soaring ceilings, or chill out with a drink in the upstairs lounge.


Castro’s is a traditional Costa Rican dance club, attracting locals and foreigners alike with its mix of salsa, merengue, and cumbia. The action is spread throughout multiple rooms across three levels, with quiet corners to escape from the disco vibe of the main dance floor.

Rapsodia Lounge

For a sophisticated night out, head to Rapsodia Lounge, one of San José’s most popular and trendy clubs. The large, open space is spread across multiple rooms and levels, with VIP tables and a balcony overlooking Paseo Colón adding to the upscale ambiance. Live music and world famous DJs will keep you dancing until the wee hours.

Mojitos Dance Club

Just outside the touristy El Pueblo is Mojitos Dance Club, specializing in Latin music and salsa dancing. Grab a bite at Mojitos Salsa Club, then head to the dancefloor for a free dance lesson on Friday evenings.

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Staying in San Jose? 3 ways to see the Costa Rican Rainforest

October 25, 2014

We know that the city has a lot to offer, and maybe you’re just loving hanging out in our luxury San Jose apartments! But you cannot leave Costa Rica without having experienced the magnificent world of the rainforest and its inhabitants.


By Boat: Perfect for naturalists who will really appreciate the rich flora and fauna of this beautiful region, or those who just don’t want to exert too much energy! You can leave San Jose in the morning and make your way by road through the slopes to the Caribbean side of the Braulio Carillo National Park deep in “Costa Rica’s Amazon”. Continue on to the Carribean coast then take a boat through the lakes and canals of Tortugero National Park, and you’ll get to see the sloths, monkeys, birds and butterflies of the rainforest as you drift by.


On a zipline: San Jose is located in the Central Valley region, which means you’re closer than you think to places where you’ll get strapped to a wire and fly above the forest. Zipline, or ‘Canopy’ tours are everywhere in Costa Rica, and they are the perfect way for adrenaline junkies to take in the magnificence of the rainforest. Granted, you’ll probably scare away all the wildlife with your shrieking, but it will be an experience to remember.


At night: Feel like you’ve “been there, done that” when it comes to the rainforest? How about doing it in the dark! More than 60% of the wildlife found in Costa Rica’s tropical rainforests is nocturnal, and Monteverde is a great place to get up close and personal with them after bedtime. The Hidden Valley reserve there is situated at a lower elevation, between tropical wet and seasonal moist forests, and its abundance of fruit trees makes the reserve an ideal home for a variety of birds, mammals, and exotic insects. Get ready for snakes, spiders (especially tarantulas), tree frogs, coatimundis, agoutis, sloths, and armadillos – not for the faint of heart!

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Culinary Costa Rica! Order these Dishes and Drinks in San Jose

August 11, 2014

Some people look at San Jose and see outdated commercial buildings and a stepping-stone to the rainforests beyond, but some see a lively cosmopolitan city, full of it’s own charm and history, and more importantly, the home of many restaurants, bars, cafes and excellent street food options. Here’s what to try when you’re in town:

San Jose’s name is often associated with good coffee, and not for nothing:  this is how the city built its profit back in the day. Today, if you walk the streets of Mercado Central, the central market, history will tickle your nostrils through the smell of roasted beans. If you’re traveling on a budget, this is the best place to taste local food at a reasonable price. A good spot to try seafood is Mariscos Poseidon, a small seafood joint in the northern annex of the market. Try the mixto appetizer and you’ll get to try local fish, shrimp and octopus marinated in lime juice.  Head to Helados de Sorbetera for the best dessert in the area – cinnamon-laced frozen custard. This goes best with barquillos, yummy cylindrical sugar cookies.

Some say Costa Rican food is nothing to write home about, but local chefs have turned that belief around in recent years with their gourmet, creative plates. Park Café in San Jose is proof of that. Its Michelin-starred chef, Richard Neat, offers guests an unforgettable taste journey. His menu – crab ravioli with asparagus, ginger sauce and artichokes, served with a glass of fine wine is nothing if not exquisite.

Thirsty and in need of a natural pick-me-up? Try one of the local “frescos” or “jugos naturales”. If there’s one thing Costa Ricans love, that’s refreshing juices (…ok, and coffee). The juices are usually made of fresh squeezed fruit juice (mango, papaya, pineapple) and water or milk. If you’re curious to try something more unusual, order a horchata, made with rice flour and cinnamon…lots of cinnamon. And as we said earlier, in San Jose, you should definitely try a black coffee or “café negro”, to get the taste of a real cup of strong latin Joe.


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5 Great Things to do in San Jose, Costa Rica

July 14, 2014

….Well, besides staying in one of our awesome apartments, that is! 5. Costa Rican National Theater

Soak up a little culture before you hit the beaches of Costa Rica! Built in the late 1800s, the National Theater is considered the finest historical structure in the country, and the inside is even better – with lavish decor and fabulous murals and moldings. If you’re a fan of opera, ballet or just want to admire the incredible furnishings and decoration, a visit to the National Theater of Costa Rica is a must.

4. El Pueblo

This part of San Jose is styled after a Spanish village and boasts dozens of shops, bazaars, bars and restaurants. After checking out some of the city’s impressive museums and theaters, why not stop in and grab a bite to eat or pick up a souvenir of your trip? While you’re here, you can grab some authentic Costa Rican food at Lukas’, or indulge in some local seafood dishes at Papa Pez. Eat like a local and order specialities sucah as casado, gallo pinto and tamales.

3. La Casona

Located just off Avenida Central, La Casona is San Jose’s answer to the traditional flea market. Dozens of vendors set up stalls across two floors of a charming old mansion, offering a variety of goods for sale including handmade arts and crafts. If you’re looking for a unique souvenir, you’ll probably find it here!

2. La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Before you hit the volcano circuit, consider a day trip from San Jose to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. One of the most beautiful eco parks in Costa Rica, you’ll be transported through the stunning tropical landscape into gardens filled with butterflies, toucans and hummngbirds, not to mention a refreshing ride under the waterfalls themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for monkeys, snakes, frogs and maybe even a jaguar. Feels like a little piece of paradise. 

1. Bungee Jumping!

Costa Rica is all about adventure, so why not embrace the idea and strap yourself in (or, you know, let a professional do it) for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Check out Tropical Bungee, who are very reputable and organise return shuttle trips from San Jose. You’ll jump from a bridge over the stunning Colorado river into the tropical jungle below. Unforgettable!

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Our Top Four Destinations for a Spring Break Getaway

March 2, 2018
Spring Break Destinations

If the daily grind post-Christmas has become a little too much to handle, you are sure to be counting the days down to spring break. While it’s typically a chance for students to let loose, even busy professionals can take the opportunity to let their hair down, enjoy luxury, and have a memorable time.

If you’ve got spring break marked on your calendar and you’re finalizing plans, consider one of these four exciting getaway destinations. Spring is on its way and now’s the time to celebrate in style!

Spring Break Destination #1: Costa Rica

Costa Rica at dusk

Costa Rica is fast becoming a preferred holidaying destination for students, professionals, and even families. However, during spring break, San Jose in Costa Rica comes alive. If you’ve decided San Jose is your spring break destination of choice, you’re in for a treat. It offers rich culture and history, stunning architecture, and for those who want to let their hair down, bustling nightlife.

Once you’ve arranged your quality Costa Rica accommodation, it’s time to get involved in the city life. Visit the many museums and galleries, and dine at some of the exquisite restaurants scattered throughout the city center. There are so many things to see and experience while enjoying spring break in Costa Rica.

Spring Break Destination #2: Panama

A dock in Panama

If you’re unsure where to spend your spring break vacation this year, Panama City in Panama is well worth your consideration. Known to be a hive of action, with plenty of activities, nightlife, and some excellent accommodations in the city, there’s every reason to consider it.

The best part is, Panama is also an affordable and low-cost holiday destination that offers premium bang for your buck. Don’t miss out on the many parties and white sand beaches that could make this spring break one to remember.

Spring Break Destination #3: Mexico

Mexico City

Aside from luxurious accommodation in Mexico offering the opportunity to take a well-deserved break away, Mexico becomes a bustling hive of activity come spring break time. If you’re ready to experience culture, nightlife, and a vibrant atmosphere with your peers, Mexico is the place to be.

If you time it right, you may also find yourself immersed in Semana Santa celebrations, an experience of a lifetime for visitors and tourists. And if you’re looking for that extra experience as part of your trip, we have some good news, as Mexico is the latest city to feature the Corporate Stays Signature Collection!

Spring Break Destination #4: Barcelona, Spain

Balconies in Barcelona

Equally as exciting as Mexico, is Barcelona, in Spain. Most professional couples and singles would love the opportunity to sun themselves on beaches, dance the night away in bars, and enjoy luxury accommodations in Barcelona.

What’s more, there are many fun and festive occasions that coincide with spring break. There is  Holy Week (Semana Santa), as well as the Primavera Sound Festival with indie, pop and rock music. Take a break from the daily grind and enjoy all Spain has to offer. 

Wherever you plan on heading to this spring break, make sure it’s the trip of a lifetime. Research exciting spring break activities and find yourself the right  accommodations. Don’t be afraid to let the stresses of your daily work life just disappear. Happy travels!

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First Look At The New Casa Suarez Montreal Location Grand Opening

August 9, 2017
Casa Suarez Montreal
The story of Corporate Stays’ quick expansion from just a few locations to over 1200 apartments across Canada is one CEO and founder Vladimir de Suarez had always intended. This year, with a flurry of new Signature collection apartments opening up in Costa Rica and Montreal, a new challenge was born. Corporate Stays needed to keep growing at a global scale while retaining the reliable quality and high standards it was known for.
Casa Suarez Montreal
So, as with any new obstacle in his way, de Suarez decided the only way to guarantee the only way to reliably furnish each and every Corporate Stays space was to do so himself. Out of a passion for interior design and to guarantee quality, Casa Suarez was born. A taste of the orient with uncompromising furniture quality. Beautiful, raw, Indian rosewood pieces among others caught the eye of the young CEO. A style of furniture that reflects the international experiences of each Corporate Stays guest.
Casa Suarez Montreal
And in July of 2017, after nearly a year of business in Panama, de Suarez launched a new Casa Suarez showroom in Montreal. A curated collection of wood furniture, hand crafted by skilled artisans from across the globe. Unique designs blending bohemian styles and modern decoration.
Casa Suarez Montreal
Using real, natural wood offers exceptional feel and structural integrity. This means pieces at Casa Suarez are designed to last for generations. By creating furniture that will withstand the test of time and being rainforest certified, Casa Suarez furniture is eco friendly.
Casa Suarez Montreal

Invited guests browsed entire selection, and were the very first in North America to get a first look at our boho chic decor and natural wood furniture lines. Local Montreal DJ, Julien Collet made sure our invited guests had a smooth time as they browsed fresh selection of wood furniture and interior decor options. Casa Suarez also brought a piece of Asian influence to the grand opening in Montreal. Henna Tattoo artist, Luminescence was on site the entire event decorating guests in beautifully complete henna tattoo designs, a staple of Indian culture surrounding life’s happiest moments.

Casa Suarez Montreal

Montreal is a famous around the world for it’s many murals, so it only seemed right to have one of our very own! Mural artist Antonin Lambert spent hours live-painting this gorgeous piece as our guests enjoy an evening of drinks and laughs.

 Casa Suarez Montreal

Casa Suarez is also now the official furniture line of, which was birthed in Montreal, but has now extended its brand throughout the world. We look to the bright future of this partnership as it will allow us to spread out love of natural wood furniture to a much wider audience.

If you are looking for natural wood furniture in the city of Montreal, Casa Suarez is a must see! Check out our entire collection now.

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Plan A Romantic Escape For Valentine’s Day (On Any Budget)

February 1, 2016

Chocolates? Boring. Jewelry? Tricky. Underwear? Don’t even try… If you’re having trouble thinking beyond flowers and a meal out, we’re here to help. An unexpected trip away is the one valentines gift that will score you massive points with your significant other and, with you along for the ride, it’s a win-win for everyone. Here are some things you’ll have to consider:

Budget: First – you’ll need to figure out how much cash you can spend on this romantic gesture. If you’re in the ‘baller’ category, go ahead and reserve those tickets to Paris. You’ll want to check out our apartments there – incredibly chic and just minutes from the beautiful river Seine. If you want to get away but are a little strapped, you can always grab a cheap flight to Florida and check into our awesome studios in South Beach – she’ll love the luxury, but you’ll love the price tag even more. Then again, not everyone has the ability to get away for a few days during the Valentine’s day weekend. In this case, get away from the monotony of your own home and treat your significant other to an overnight stay in one of our luxury apartments in your city!

Location: February in the northern hemisphere is cold, so you’ve got to either reject it or embrace it. If your lover is more of a sun and sand kind of girl, then you should consider Costa Rica, Panama, or Miami. But if you guys are into snowboarding and getting hot by a rustic, roaring fireplace, then head up north to a cabin in the mountains and Mont Tremblant.

Timing: To really get this gift right, you’ve got to think about timing. Book a getaway at the same time as her friend’s baby shower or when she can’t get time off work and you’re screwed. If possible, check her calendars or call a colleague to help you clear her schedule or request secret time off. You can do some subtle in-person investigation by saying stuff like “I was gonna go see my parents/do a detox/babysit cousins  that weekend – do we have anything going on then?”

Packing: If you’re determined to keep the surprise right up to the airport then you’ll need to pack a bag for her. Even for an overnight stay in your current city means you’ll have to have something ready for them in the morning to change into. Most important – do not forget cosmetics and toiletries. Aside from clothes and shoes, she’ll need her deodorant, toothbrush, cleanser and moisturizer, as well as some make-up. Pay attention to what she uses in the morning and pack that!

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5 Family-friendly destinations for Summer 2015

February 13, 2015


Well, we’ve got some pretty great recommendations for kids old and young, families big and small. We know that lying on a beach will never cut the mustard when little ones are along for the ride, so we’ve chosen places that are full of action and adventure – and just so happen to pack a heck of a lot more culture than Disney World. You’re welcome!


Costa Rica

If you’re living in North America and are looking for adventure close to home, Costa Rica is a fantastic choice. Think nighttime rainforest tours, surfing, ziplining, and racing along on quad bikes, before soaking in warm volcanic pools. Costa Rica is perfect for older kids and teens who love outdoor activities. You can travel easily around the country and see a few different spots in just a week, or set up base camp by the beach in beautiful Montezuma, or near the sloths under the shadow of a volcano in Arenale National Park. There’s a lot more to do in Costa Rica, take a look at these good places to eat and cool activities to do.


New York City

This one needs no introduction but let us at least list some of our favourite kid-friendly sights: For animal-lovers, the Natural History Museum is a full-day of fascination, while the New York Zoo is perfect when the weather’s warm. If you’re willing to splash out on new toys (or you can ignore the begging) then the famous FAO Schwarz toystore is a wonderland. For a close-up view of the world’s best-known landmark, take a ride on the Staten Island ferry past the Statue of Liberty or for a panoramic view of the city, take the elevator to the top of the Rockefeller Centre, where you can challenge the kids to point out the Empire State Building. And if you feel like a dip in the sea and some old-fashioned carnival rides, Coney Island is a must-visit. For more information, take a look at our handy family guide to NewYork!


Rome, Italy

While you may not want to take toddlers around Rome (especially in the heat of summer) Rome is perfect for tweens and teens,  with sights guaranteed to impress – from the ghoulish bone-decorated Santa Maria della Concezione to the hulking Colosseum and the Pantheon. And when they’ve had enough of ancient history and show signs of getting restless, appease young ones at one of the incomparable gelato stops around the city, then toss a coin to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain.


The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

There are so many great spots for families in this part of Mexico, but we particularly recommend Playa del Carmen – home to sandy beaches, Mayan archaeological sites and some really fun theme parks. For example, Discovery Jungle Park is as far from Disney World as you can get – Think rough-and ready rope bridges, fast-paced ATV rides down jungle paths and swimming in underground caves.


Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

If you’re considering a winter getaway, then you can’t go wrong with a cozy log cabin in Mont Tremblant, about an hour and a half north of Montreal in the Laurentian Mountains. You’ll have skiing and snowboarding on your doorstep, as well as trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. You can also get the whole family out for snowmobiling, dog sledding, and tubing, then hit the quaint village for a tasty dinner before curling up at home by the fire. Take a look at these other fun things to do in Mont-Tremblant!

Tremblant City and Lake

Family vacations can be a regrettable nightmare or the trip of a lifetime, it’s all about knowing your family and picking the right spot. Think about whether you want sights or activities, cool or warm temperatures, and beaches or mountains and you’re starting down the right track – good luck!


Complete your trip with a furnished apartment rental – A full kitchen to prepare meals, separate rooms for everyone, tons of great amenities and a very convenient location ! 


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Fine Dining in the Escazú Mountains of San José

February 3, 2015

Costa Rica is a destination that has made it’s way as one of the top Central American destinations for travel thanks to it’s white sandy beaches with perfect waves for surfing, luxuriant forests and impressive volcanos, making it an irresistible stop in all travellers itineraries.

There are so many things to do and so many places to see, it can be hard to prioritize activities. However, one thing our travel experts can assure you is that the restaurant ‘Le Monastère’ is definitely worth the detour.


 Spectacular views from the Escazú Mountains:

An exhilarating dining experience awaits you in the mountains of Escazú, Costa Rica, this elegant restaurant overlooks glittering San José.  Le Monastère is set in the mountains above Escazú, San José. From the dining rooms, guests can enjoy a spectacular 270-degree view of the valley and the city below them, while digging in to a delightful meal.

The restaurant was built on the site of a former monastery and still offers guests a few intriguing glimpses into the history of the location, from the medieval abbey inspired decor, to the antique photographs on the walls, and also in the renovated chapel that is well worth a visit. The staff even cheekily dress like monks in a clever nod to the history of the restaurant.

Dine with the stars and then party with the monks

The typical French cuisine is paired with local fresh fruits and vegetables, adding a sweet tropical taste to remind you of where you are, in case the spectacular view of San Jose and the mountains of Escazú doesn`t jog your memory. Live piano music accompanies dinner, completing an enjoyable the ambiance.

Downstairs in Cantina La Cava enjoy an entirely different ambiance. Perhaps after dinner? A newly opened tavern that continues in the medieval tradition of the rest of the restaurant, but with more of a party atmosphere, there you can enjoy live music and dancing the night away on weekend nights.
Reservations are recommended.

If you need a nice furnished apartment to rent for your stay in San José, take a look HERE !



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