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CorporateStays and Scandinave Spa: Escape in the Heart of Montreal

February 8, 2018
Scandinave Spa - Vieux Montreal

At CorporateStays, we like to go beyond business. We want to ensure that our guests have the best experience, from the reservation to check out. That includes recommending the best that our cities have to offer. This is why we have partnered with Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, a tranquil respite located in the heart busy Montreal.

Please read on to learn about our new partnership with Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, and the benefits offered to our guests.

An Urban Escape

Relaxation Area at Scandinave Spa

Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, is located in the heart of Montreal’s Old Port. Steps away from Montreal’s Science Centre and the Ferris Wheel, it is an ideal location for a visitor. It is close to downtown Montreal, and only a 15-minute walk from Loft4U.

In the heart of one of the most popular areas of Old Montreal, you will be able to escape to a truly tranquil and relaxing environment. The spa is well-insulated from the outside world, blocking out the noise and lights of the city.

You can leave that cell phone behind; the spa is a wifi-free and phone-free space. Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, focuses on helping its clientele to escape their busy lives, which means disconnecting from the outside world, if only temporarily.

The Scandinavian Baths

Scandinavian Baths at Scandinave Spa

The Scandinavian bath circuit at Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, consists of three steps: hot, cold, and relaxation. Guests immerse themselves in the warm area for 15-20 minutes, then awaken their senses with 10-15 seconds in the cold area before relaxing for another 15-20 minutes. The spa provides options for each step, and encourages guests to try them all.

The hot areas include a large heated bath, a eucalyptus steam room, and a dry sauna. The hot bath is spacious and includes a waterfall on one side, perfect for relieving tense back and neck muscles. The eucalyptus steam room has enough space to sit or lie down, depending on what helps you to best relax. The dry sauna is perfectly lit; the dimmed light complements the woody smell, creating an experience for multiple senses.

There are two options for the cold areas: a cold water shower and a small cold water bath to immerse yourself in. With the water temperature ranging between 6 and 10 degrees, it will be certain to wake you. The shower is a good start for beginners. The bath is an excellent match for those looking for a more intense experience. We would recommend immersing yourself completely as quickly as possible, to fully enjoy the rush. Once the adrenaline is flowing, it is time for the third step, relaxation.

There are a host of relaxation areas throughout the baths, including benches, wooden chairs, cushion seats, and daybeds. As part of the true unplugging experience, Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal, also features a stimulation-free room; no noise and almost no light. Some guests even choose to nap in the stimulation-free room.

Relaxing Massage

Massage at Scandinave Spa

Of course, the best way to complete a relaxation experience is to enjoy a massage at the hands of a capable therapist. There is a serene waiting area, from which your therapist collects you, leading you through to a private room, away from the bath area. With several different massages available, your therapist will also customize your experience to your particular needs. Relax as the professionals of Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal ensure your total comfort at all times.

Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal offers different massage treatments, including the classic Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, and Lomi-atsu. The Lomi-atsu massage is actually a fusion of two techniques, incorporating methods from the Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage and Japanese shiatsu massage techniques.

Following your massage, you are free to return to the Scandinavian baths, or to the showers in the locker room, which include all toiletries that one may need.

An All-Inclusive Experience

Valet Service at Scandinave Spa - Vieux Montreal

What makes the spa especially ideal for travellers is that it truly is an all-inclusive experience. Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal provides sandals, towels, and robes for each of its guests. The locker room is also fully-equipped with any and all toiletries that any guest would need. You need only bring your swimsuit.

For those who would prefer to drive to the spa, Spa Scandinave – Vieux Montreal offers a valet service, which is an ideal treat in Montreal’s Old Port. Simply bring your car to the door, and have it returned to you when you are ready to leave.

Special for CorporateStays Clients

Scandinave Spa Robe and Treats

Starting in 2018, Scandinave Spa – Vieux Montreal will be offering special discounts to all CorporateStays clients. Thanks to the new partnership, all CorporateStays clients are eligible to receive a 35% discount on access to the Scandinavian baths, and a 20% discount on all bath and massage packages.

Get in touch with your reservation specialist today to find out how to take advantage of this excellent offer.

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Packing Tips: How to Save Space and Bring Everything You Need

November 24, 2017
Packing Tips for Travel

We’ve gathered up some smart packing tips during our time in the travel and hospitality industry. From years working with world travellers, busy executives, and travelling around ourselves, we know that packing can be stressful. It doesn’t have to be.

Are you one of the many people who “hates packing?” Then please, read some of our team’s advice below to discover our best packing tips, no matter your trip!

Our Best Packing Tips #1: Make a List, Check it Twice

Packing Tips: Make a List

There is a reason that this is at the very top of our list of packing tips: if you do nothing else, please make a list in advance. By planning ahead, you will make sure that you have everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. Avoid the last-minute attempts to stuff everything in your suitcase by making a list well-ahead of your of trip.

Plan your packing by outfit: which top are you planning on wearing with your bottoms, which shoes match your outfits. It may seem silly at first, but not only will this help your packing, it will eliminate another step in your morning routine while you’re on the road. Travelling can be rough; knowing that you have the perfect outfit for each day will help, if only a little.

Our Best Packing Tips #2: Roll Your Clothes

Packing Tips: Roll Clothes

One of the more frustrating parts of travelling, especially for business, is the creasing that occurs in clothes after packing them. Suitcases aren’t always the perfect size for your clothes. The fold marks wind up in odd places, and without the help of a steamer, things look like a mess.

You can avoid this creasing by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This will also create more room in your suitcase.

Too late to roll? Had to fold a particular item? Clothing got shaken in transit and is now all wrinkled? Not a worry! Do you have a steamer with you? If so, great! If not, it’s still okay! Hang the wrinkled items in the bathroom, and turn on the shower. You’re not going to want to be in the shower for this process because it will need to be HOT. The steam from the shower in the bathroom will relax the fabric of your clothes.

Our Best Packing Tips #3: Versatility

Packing Tips: Versatility

Going for longer than two or three days? You don’t necessarily need to pack 15 completely separate outfits. By packing the right items, you can mix and match to create completely new outfits from the same pieces. Pack items that pair well with a few different outfits; a smart black pair of pants can match almost any top. A good shirt will look great with a skirt, pants, or even jeans.

Keep your outfits, and your clothes, feeling fresh by staying somewhere with laundry facilities. Many major cities have downtown laundromats. For ease and convenience, every Corporate Stays Signature Collection apartment comes equipped with an in-suite washer-dryer.

Our Best Packing Tips #4: Don’t Bring What You Don’t Need

Overflowing Suitcase

As packing tips come and go, this sounds rather obvious. It’s also one of the reasons you made a list before packing your suitcase. But as you leave your home to head to Montreal’s Trudeau airport to fly down to sunny California, are you sure you don’t have anything you don’t need? Stop. Look in the mirror. Are you going to need your winter parka and boots in either the airport or in the California heat?

If you have a friend or significant other to bring to and from the airport, you can simply leave your winter outerwear with them. If not, maybe opt for a lighter coat. You’ll be a little chilly for the 5 minute walk to the taxi in Montreal, but you won’t have to worry about packing a big fluffy parka when travelling.

Our Best Packing Tips: #5. Leave Extra Room!

Packing Tips: Leave Some Room

There are a few reasons to leave extra room in your bag when packing. You are going to have more time to pack before you leave than before your return. As you’re packing up on your last night before catching your flight home, knowing that you have that extra room will make things far less stressful. It will also ensure that everything will still fit.

Planning on doing some shopping during your next trip? Make sure you have enough room for your new purchases! Alternatively, to save yourself some space in your luggage, check online to see if you would be able to ship your purchases back home. Depending on the retailer and the goods in question, it may be cheaper (and depending on the object, safer) to have  your purchases shipped directly home instead of bringing them on the flight with you.

We hope that our packing tips make preparing for your next trip a little easier. Want another way to take some of the stress out of travel? Book your next stay at a Corporate Stays apartment; our experience team will be thrilled to help you enjoy your trip.

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How To Find Your Ideal Meeting Space in Ottawa

December 6, 2016
ottawa meeting places cover

Business travel is big in Ottawa, one of Canada’s most picturesque cities. As the country’s capital, it is home to a multitude of businesses, politicians, and conventions. So there’s a very good chance that sooner or later you’ll find yourself walking out your CorporateStays apartment, passing by Parliament on your way to a meeting. But where do you go? Here is how to find your ideal meeting space in Ottawa, perfect for everything from coffee with a potential partner to drinks with Justin Trudeau. 

Meeting Space in Ottawa #1: Rideau Canal
rideau canal space meeting ottawa

There has been an increase recently in the popularity of walking meetings. It’s seen as a great way to keep yourself and your client stimulated while talking about business. It’s also a great way to tour Ottawa during its 150th anniversary. The city will be beautified ahead of the celebration, so get out of the board room and close that deal!

Meeting Space in Ottawa #2: Zoé’s Lounge dining lounge space meeting ottawa

Ottawa and sinkholes go hand in hand as of late, so driving might be tricky, but thankfully our CorporateStays apartments are within walking distance of some great spots.

Stepping it up a notch is Zoé’s Lounge at the Chateau Laurier, where no expense was spared. This spot is a great way to make a client feel like they’re being taken care of. You’ll get a environment of sophistication that impresses, without being overly pretentious.

Check out ZOE’S LOUNGE  

Meeting Space in Ottawa #3: TOWNdinner business meetings ottawa

With winter setting in, Ottawa transforms into a winter wonderland. Walking through the ByWard market is a good time, but will lead you and your business associate to an endless row of seemingly identical buildings. Finding a restaurant under such weather conditions can be limiting. And that’s where TOWN comes in. Somewhat of a hidden gem in Ottawa is oozes with style bot decoratively and culinary. Their Italian fusion menu will impress any client, but it’s their steak tartar that has locals buzzing about this hot spot.

Check out TOWN

Meeting Space in Ottawa #4: A SENATOR’S GAMEhockey game space meeting ottawa

With the Ottawa Redblacks having just won the the Grey Cup, the city is great for sports fans. And nothing says sports or Canada like a hockey game. Bring a client to the Canadian Tire Centre for an Ottawa Senators game and you will be the hero of the night. Adrenaline pumping, crowd cheering, and slightly overpriced arena food isn’t your traditional meeting spot. But then again, who wants traditional?

Get your tickets to a Sens game!

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5 Tips on Designing Smaller Spaces

January 12, 2015
By: Natasha Gonzalez

Nowadays, when shopping for a new place –whether it’s an investment property or a place to call home – we’ve noticed that much smaller units are being built. A studio apartment could start as low as 300 square feet which is when it starts getting tricky. Here are 5 key tips to keep in mind when tackling these small spaces.


Think vertical

Every inch counts! When you think of small spaces first thing that comes to mind is lack of storage. Built-ins can be a great way of maximizing space and no – it doesn’t need to break that budget. If custom is not the way you want to go, IKEA has great wardrobe units that can be installed into a niche to give you that built-in look. Alcoves could also be used to your advantage. Turn them into custom shelves or storage units. Don’t be afraid to go all the way up to the ceiling. A smaller space will look bigger by keeping it clutter free.



Think dual purpose pieces – an ottoman that could be used as storage and seating is a great start. They are small enough to store under a console and big enough to use as extra seating. Using an ottoman as a coffee table is also a great way to creating a cozy space. It’s a bonus when it allows you to store those throws we all use to bundle up at night. Think glass and clear furniture! These will give you the functionality you need without the bulky look of wood pieces.


Dress your windows 

Sheers, sheers, sheers! For those small spaces with floor to ceiling windows – sheers will be your best friend. Mounting a track to the ceiling and dressing your windows in a sheer fabric can make the smallest spaces seem open and spacious. If you don’t have floor to ceiling windows – get the look by mounting the rod used for your drapery panels above the frame. This will add height to the space. For those of you who want a pop of color and don’t think sheers are enough – add a little life with decorative panels.


It’s all an illusion 

It’s all about mirrors nowadays – whether it’s a mirrored console, a mirrored tray or a mirrored end table, these key pieces will make a small living space look larger. A well positioned mirror in a small space can make a huge difference. Aside from big windows and high-ceilings, adding a large mirror will help spread light and create a sense of space.


The right color palette 

As much as I love white color palettes, small spaces don’t need to be all about white. Don’t be afraid of bold colors. A darker accent wall can make a space look and feel larger. It’s all about making the right choices. When choosing the right paint, think about staying within the same color palette to connect all the rooms and make it flow. Don’t forget about wallpaper! With so many different styles and texture these days – the possibilities are endless. A feature wall wrapped in wallpaper can instantly add interest to a space. Stick to the same color scheme, look for texture and when you’re planning on introducing pattern – think tone on tone.


With these 5 tips you’ll be on the right track to design your own space – regardless of its size.

Have a look at some great fully-furnished apartments for rent HERE !


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Book Your Corporate Workspace Today!

November 1, 2013

You can now book a workspace with! Understanding the need for private, quiet places for professionals in town for business, is now offering corporate workspace rentals. A convenient space to work, make a call, or host a meeting is now just a phone call away!

Private workspaces

It’s easy to book a space to work for a few hours during the day. Simply call us and find out availabilities to rent a workspace. All our spaces have reliable, high-speed WiFi Internet, a comfortable desk to work at, a table ideal for a meeting, and a couch for just relaxing.

This pilot program is only available in our Montreal location at the moment, clients interested in booking workspaces in other locations can use our partners Regus office space rentals. Clients staying with are eligible for a discount!

No more meetings at Starbucks!

We’ve all had to resort to meeting or working at a coffee shop, not so long ago this was the only option. Coffee shops are noisy and make it hard to concentrate when you are trying to work alone, to say the least.  Having a meeting in a Starbucks can be annoying as you try to make yourself heard over all the noise, not to mention embarrassing with anyone able to overhear your private conversation. Now you can make the switch, corporate workspace rentals present a quiet, clean, and professional atmosphere for your meeting or business needs.

How you can use your corporate workspace

  • You’re in town for a meeting and you need a quiet and comfortable place to meet.

  • A private space with good WiFi and a comfortable desk to get some work done.

  • A quiet place to make a phone call.

  • Taking a nap between flights in a clean and comfortable space.

  • You need a private space for a meeting with your partners, or for conducting job interviews.

Call us today to find out more about booking a corporate workspace with!

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10 Essential Packing Tips Every Business Traveller Should Know

April 16, 2019

Our Corporate Stays team has been fortunate enough to meet many people. When we talk with them, we hear of their travel plans, where they’ve been, where they’re going, and how long they intend on staying. However, we also learn how they manage to fit a week’s worth of clothing into such a small suitcase or bag!

If you intend on travelling any time soon, then these packing tips can be helpful. We’ve learned a lot from our travellers, and we’re sure you will as well.

Packing Tip #1: Make a List

The importance of making a list featured on our last packing tips list, and there’s a reason for it: it’s highly essential. If you don’t make a list, it’s far too easy to forget some of those more critical items. Medication, money, and even a spare pair of socks can all find themselves left at home if you don’t remember to write them down.

Packing Tip #2: Know TSA Rules Inside Out

The Transportation Security Administration doesn’t mess around. They have strict rules for security and travel, and they expect you to know what they are. Do you? If you plan on traveling anywhere within the USA – or out of it – then you need to make sure everything you’re packing complies with those rules. Otherwise, you can hold up an entire security line and possibly lose your valuable goods.

Packing Tip #3: Be Aware of Baggage Fees

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business traveller is not familiarising yourself with baggage fees. Every airline is different. Before your journey, find out who you are flying with and what their rules are. Those fees can dictate how much you pack and whether you take one bag or two.

Packing Tips Baggage Fees

Packing Tip #4: Pack Outfits, Not Garments

It doesn’t matter whether you travel for business or pleasure, you can find yourself packing a whole lot of clothes you’ll never wear. Then, when you get home, they all come out again and back into the closet. To avoid taking items you don’t need, plan your suitcase by outfits. Fold underwear, socks, pants, a shirt, and an outer layer together as one day, and do the same for every other day.

Packing Tip #5: Roll Your Clothing

While you wouldn’t roll your clothing in your drawers at home, it makes perfect sense in your suitcase. It’s also one of the most important packing tips we can offer. Rolling your clothing creates more room in your bag than folding and stops clothing from creasing as well. 

Packing Tips Roll Clothes

Packing Tip #6: Learn About Laundry

Many people pack too many clothes because they fail to factor in any laundry opportunities. Fortunately, many Corporate Stays apartments offer in-suite laundries. Phone ahead and find out if where you are staying does as well. You can then pack less and travel lighter.

Packing Tip #7: Pack Versatile Clothing 

Pants that turn into shorts and other versatile garments should be your go-to for travelling light. Whether you’re on the road for business or pleasure, it’s one of the best packing tips we can offer. If you can wear something more than once, and in more than one temperature range, it’s a winning garment.

Packing Tips

Packing Tip #8: Check Your Bag Size

Not every bag is suitable for overhead lockers. Therefore, if you plan on taking a suitcase onboard the aircraft as carry-on, make sure it fits before you get on. There’s nothing more awkward than holding up an entire plane of travellers while you try to stuff your enormous bag into an area that won’t fit.

Packing Tip #9: Bring a Few Extra Bags

You never know when you’ll need them, especially for things like dirty clothes, which are always an afterthought. They weigh nothing and come in SO handy, so don’t forget a few!

Packing Tip #10: Know Your Liquids

Almost every frequent traveller should know this rule by now, but it’s still easy to forget. If you have to carry any liquids, gels, or aerosols, follow the 3-1-1 rule. You should have less than 3.4 ounces in a container, one bag per passenger, and one quart in a clear, plastic, zip-lock bag.

Sometimes you can get so caught up in thinking about what you will do when you get to your destination that you don’t put much thought into the process leading up to it. It’s crucial that you do. Refer to our packing tips above. Before long, you can be making your way to your destination with no problems at all.

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Ultimate Guide: How to Boost Your Productivity Like a Ninja

February 27, 2019
Productivity at work

The world is moving faster than ever before, with more expected from us in a smaller timeframe. Even here at Corporate Stays, we face many challenges to stay productive at all times. We’ve already suggested 5 habits to optimize work productivity while traveling and now we come with new tips for daily life.

If you struggle with productivity, or you’re not yet sure how to be the best you can be during the working week, then the following information might help. This is an ultimate guide on how to be productive like a ninja!

Take a Break

It’s unusual, isn’t it? To get more done, you have to do nothing at all for a short space of time. However, taking a break, even when you’re busy, is going to work wonders for how productive the rest of your day is going to be. According to leading experts, taking breaks can refresh and rejuvenate your brain, preparing it for more work at a more productive level. Therefore, if you’re starting to feel a bit distracted or sluggish, take five minutes to grab a tea or coffee, then head back to your desk.

Take a Break

Don’t Multitask

Many people pride themselves on being multitasking masters – having the ability to work on several things at once. The truth is, multitasking won’t help you get them done any quicker. Instead, it can have the opposite effect. If you are continuously swapping between tasks, you are undermining your efficiency, causing a loss of productivity by as much as 40%t. Instead of multitasking, start and finish a single job before moving onto another.


Like Your Office

You might think that people crowd their office cubicle with photos of their family so they can show them off to their peers, but there’s merit in what they are doing. If you add touches of home and things that you love in your office, you may benefit from a boost in productivity.

Add your favourite pot plant, a scented candle, or even flowers from your garden. Anything that livens up your space and tends to be quite aesthetically pleasing will see you on fire when it comes to your productivity levels.

Office Decoration

Plan Your Day

Have you ever got to your office, sat at your desk, and had no idea where to start? As you sit there, waiting, you’re wasting precious working time. Instead, vow to plan out your day at the end of every other. Know when you’re most productive and allow time for your most significant tasks during this period, then fit in everything around it. As you complete your responsibilities, you can cross them off your list. You’ll be so productive that you may not know what to do with all your spare time!



Every interruption, no matter how big or small is cutting precious minutes or hours off your working day. When time is valuable, those distractions can be the bane of your existence. Vow to make a change. Turn the notifications off your phone, delegate blocks of time to email answering (not as soon as they come in) and move to a quiet area so you can work in peace. The more focused you are, the more productive you can be.


Being productive like a ninja is not something you can walk into your office and do right away. Instead, it needs to be a series of changes you make to alter your behaviours. Limit distractions, take breaks and focus on one task at a time. Then, don’t be afraid to make subtle changes to your office to make it more “you” before planning out your days the night before. Before you know it, you will be productive like a ninja!

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4 Valentine’s Day Ideas in Canada’s Most Romantic Cities

February 5, 2019
Valentines Day Canada

In 2018 we’ve selected romantic getaways in Canada for Valentine’s day. But if you find yourself in and around Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, or Vancouver this year’s Valentine’s Day, then don’t let the day pass you by. Valentine’s Day is a time of love and togetherness, so here are five things to do in Canada’s most romantic cities.

Valentine’s Day Ideas: Eat Somewhere Romantic

Nothing says “I love you” with more passion than dinner together at a fancy restaurant. Take time out of your busy schedule to book in somewhere divine. In Montreal, Beatrice at 1504 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest is always a keen contender, with its open plan dining area and delicious Italian meal options.

If you find yourself in Quebec City, you’re not short of options here either. Head down to 54 St-Pierre St for delicious fine dining at Restaurant Initiale. Here, you can treat your loved one to European and French cuisine, all a few minutes from the Chateau Frontenac. Or, if you’re in Ottawa, Atelier at 540 Rochester St will not disappoint. Here, you can enjoy a range of delicious dishes in a fine dining establishment with exquisite décor and service.

Vancouver does not fall behind in terms of romantic meal options either. Located in Yaletown, Brix & Mortar menu is to die for! Your valentine can opt for Valentine’s menu or choose from the standard menu, with plenty of options.

Valentines Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day Ideas: Do a Fun Couple’s Activity

Valentine’s Day is, of course, a day for couples, so don’t forget to partake in couples’ activities. Join up with other couples and check out Old Montreal Food Tour in Montreal. Because eating is more fun when you share the experience with others. Or, if you want to get all romantic like in the movies, take your loved one to the Carnaval de Quebec at 205 Boulevard des Cedres. Nothing says romance better than candy floss and carnival rides.

If you’re in Ottawa, ice-skating on the Rideau Canal makes an excellent thing to do on Valentine’s Day. It’s fun and it’s free! In Vancouver, you can make your significant other’s day with a trip to the Vancouver Lookout. It’s the perfect place to get those Vancouver Valentine’s Day selfies!

Valentines Day Massage

Valentine’s Day Ideas: Be a Tourist

If you plan on being in Vancouver for some time over Valentine’s Day, then check out Granville Island. Take a water taxi or drive, and see what this unique little place has to offer. There are many places to explore, eat, and shop. Once in Montreal, do as the tourists do and try out a spa day at the famous Scandinave. Relaxing with your valentine is sure to be a good idea.

Quebec City is also the place to be if you want to be a tourist over Valentine’s Day. See Vieux-Quebec, La Citadelle de Quebec, and Terrasse Dufferin to get your fill of touristy action. Alternatively, Ottawa isn’t short of options either. Winterlude might be a cliche but is sure to be a good option as well. The festival is free and takes place in the urban Ottawa-Gatineau region during the first three weekends of February.

Valentines Day Ice Skating

Valentine’s Day Ideas: Book Luxurious Accommodation

Finally, if you want to make this Valentine’s Day special, then ensure you book the most luxurious accommodation possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec City or Montreal, there are options aplenty to woo your partner and give them a trip to remember.

Get amongst the action in Ottawa with beautifully decorated apartments at Tribeca East. If you end up in Vancouver for Valentine’s Day, the eco-conscious pair will love staying in Telus Garden. Even Montreal puts on a show, with luxurious accommodation options to suit every traveller and budget.

Valentines Day Apartment

Let Valentine’s Day in Canada be full of surprises! Treat your loved one to a trip he or she will never forget and enjoy the best activities these romantic cities have to offer. 

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5 Business Travel Destinations that Will Motivate Your Day

January 22, 2019
Business Travel Destinations

Corporate Stays can help you find the perfect accommodation. But we can also offer you some excellent ideas of where you can dine, host your business partners, and relax. Whether you’re in Panama City, Mexico City, or Montreal, you can count on us for the best tips.

Finding the perfect business destination can be challenging and not always inspiring. But do not worry! We have found 5 business destinations that will motivate your day.

Business Travel Destinations: Panama City

Panama City is a beautiful place to make your next business travel destination. The city is a perfect mix of business and leisure.

First, you need to choose the accommodation that’s proximate to the city center, then plan your day’s activities around it. For example, you could stay on Balboa Avenue then wander down to Restaurante Segundo Muelle San Francisco for a bite to eat at any time of the day or night.

Finally, you can make arrangements to meet your client at Cabana and end the day with drinks at Alejandros.

Business Travel Destinations Panama

Business Travel Destinations: Toronto

Toronto is one of the best business travel destinations in Canada, and it’s clear to see why. It’s home to excellent corporate accommodation such as at 15 Iceboat Terrace, and it has several popular business districts. Any trip to Toronto is going to be a profitable experience. You can arrange for your meeting to take place in the CN Tower mere minutes away of your accommodation, then wine and dine within the same area too.

Try something new at the Persian-fusion Roses New York downtown restaurant, or treat your business associate to breakfast at the contemporary dining establishment known as Marben.

Finally, you can get to know your business associate on a personal level with a friendly game of bowls at The Ballroom or a quick walk through HTO Park.

Business Travel Destinations Toronto

Business Travel Destinations: Montreal

If you are looking for one of the best business travel destinations, then Montreal is it. The city promises to offer plenty of accommodation options, good places to eat and cultural activities. Once you settle into your furnished apartment along Rue Wellington, you can start your business meetings in the city.

La Bête à Pain is a standout bakery along Rue Young, while the same area is also home to Rockaberry Griffintown with impeccable service, décor, and delicious dine-in and takeaway food options. Finally, get down to business at Olive & Goumando in Old Port for the perfect business meeting.

Business Travel Destinations Montreal

Business Travel Destinations: Mexico City

Mexico City is home to luxurious and well-appointed accommodation in the heart of the city, such as 284 Paseo de la Reforma. From there, you can meander down to the luxurious Vapiano for Euro-chic pasta, pizza, and similar divine dishes. Alternatively, an authentic Mexican restaurant known as La Destileria sits near to corporate accommodation, letting you experience the fine cuisine that Mexico City has to offer.

If you need a fully equipped office for your stay in Mexico City with business partners, then IOS Offices is mere minutes from your accommodation too. You will find that Mexico City quickly becomes one of your favoured travel destinations.

Finally, after a hard day of work, you can let your hair down at Kinky Bar with excellent cocktails and a lovely ambience, or head over to Casa De Arte Cinemex Reforma to catch the latest movies.

Business Travel Destinations Mexico City

Business Travel Destinations: Ottawa

With Parliament Hill and beautiful architecture, Ottawa is one of the most popular business travel destinations. Settle into ideally located corporate accommodation, such as at 199 Slater Street. You will find Ottawa a pleasure to be in.

Grab a bite to eat with your business associate at Fairouz on Somerset Street, or consider a more formal venue at The Keg on York Street. Then, if you have time to spare, you can enjoy plenty of tourist attractions, such as the National Arts Centre, Oscar Peterson Statue, and Confederation Park.

With all the attractions Ottawa has to offer is easy to forget work. So put pen to paper at the Ottawa Convention Centre where you can book out areas of the Centre for your business opportunities.

Business Travel Destinations Ottawa

There are many worthwhile business travel destinations, but not all of them are that inspiring. Ensure your next business travel destination has superior accommodation, high-quality dining establishments, and of course, somewhere to let you unwind. You can even transform this trip into a bleisure one!

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The Ultimate Expat Guide: Discovering Your New City

January 8, 2019
Expat Guide

An expatriate, more commonly referred to as an ‘expat’ is someone who moves their entire life to somewhere new outside their native country. For many, it’s an exciting, exhilarating experience. For others, it can be stressful, uncertain, and challenging. If you’ve made the significant decision to pack your things and become an expat in a new country, then it’s time to discover your new city. This guide can help you adjust quicker than you could have thought possible.

Expat Guide: Set a Budget

When you decided to become an expat and move to another country, you probably spent many months or years saving and squirrelling away funds. It might take a lot of time to save, but that money disappears quicker than you think. Ensure you set aside funds for everything and stick to a budget. Know how much you have to spend on accommodation, living expenses, travel, and leisure experiences too. Everything comes with a price tag.

Expat Guide: See the Sights like a Local

Tourists stand out like a sore thumb in a new country, but you’re not a tourist, you’re an expat. Start your new adventure on the right foot by viewing all those tourist attractions as if you were a local. The best way to do this is by meeting with locals who can show you around. You want to see what the tourists see, but you also want to visit places of convenience which can help you adjust to your new country far quicker.

Expat Guide See the Sights Like a Local

Expat Guide: Leave Place for the Unknown

You would be amazed how leaving some time with no specific plan and go with what feels right at the moment can be freeing. Spontaneity always adds a great sense of adventure. You might surprise yourself and discover some great spots by walking around.

Expat Guide Place for the Unknown

Expat Guide: Get Social

When you’re an expat, you are entirely out of your comfort zone – you’re not merely on holiday away from home anymore. As a result, you may even start with no friends or family around you. Aside from having somewhere to live or stay – you need to get as social as possible. Don’t turn down any opportunities to get out and about with the locals, and consider even joining a club or sport to help you meet more people. Don’t fall into a common expat trap and become isolated, making too many comparisons between your native country and the one in which you now reside.

Expat Guide Get Social

Expat Guide: Master Travel

Every country has its own premium travel system. Some have superior train networks, buses, or even regular taxis. Find out the best travel loops and types and consider also residing in premium, fully-furnished accommodation well within the proximity of convenient transport options. Having a fair idea in advance of the options available to you may be worth your consideration when you make plans to become an expat.

Expat Guide Travel

Expat Guide: Create a Place of Comfort

The first few months are often the toughest. You can feel homesick, missing friends and family, and not have anything familiar around you. One of the most important things you can do is create a place of comfort – somewhere you feel safe. Bring items from home that make you feel safe, happy, and connected with home. You won’t feel uncomfortable forever, but your own peaceful heaven can help you make it through the expat adjustment phase.

Expat Guide Comfort Place

Every expat goes through an adjustment period when they leave the comfort of their country for the excitement and adventure of another. It’s only natural to feel a range of emotions. However, these tips above can help you adjust far quicker than you potentially would. Take the time to research your new country, find out how to navigate it, meet new people, and familiarize yourself with it as a local. The transformation in yourself, going from a beginner traveler to a seasoned expat, will be phenomenal.

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Business Resolutions for 2019

January 2, 2019
Business Resolutions 2019

New Year, new life they say. The end of the year has rolled around quicker than anyone could have expected. Promises to hit the gym, save more money or show more generosity come with the New Year’s Eve territory. For entrepreneurs and business people, this season also presents a fresh opportunity to generate resolutions for their ventures – and for themselves as business owners.

You may have had the most successful year in business, but there are sure to be things you know you can do different or would like to give a go. Start 2019 off on the right foot by considering these business resolutions.

Business Resolutions for 2019: Relationships

Whether it’s internal working relationships or business relationships, they should be at the top of your business resolutions list. For your company to be successful, you need to make sure everyone works as a team, and that your clients and customers feel valued as well. With regard to working relationships, you may like to try team building activities to forge closer bonds and improve communication.

There are even things you can do to make sure any business meetings go off without a hitch. Relationships should form a significant part of your business resolutions for 2019.

Business Resolutions Relationships

Business Resolutions for 2019: Education

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, anyone can learn something new. Any industry can benefit from advanced education. Consider adding education to your list of business resolutions for 2019. You may like to learn something new to enhance your own skill set, or you may even like to provide learning opportunities for your staff.

There are many online courses that you or your team can take for free. Education in any form can always benefit your business in more ways than one.

Business Resolutions Education

Business Resolutions for 2019: Charity

Think back to your year in business past. What did you give back to your community? Sure, you provided jobs for a significant number of people, but did you go the extra mile and earn your place in your community? If not, then vow to add charitable contributions to your list of business resolutions for 2019. Take a day off once per year so your staff can donate their time to the less fortunate, or contribute funds to programs for those in need. There are so many things you can do as a company to help others.

At Corporate Stays, for example,  we have One Percent For A RoofCorporate Stays reinvests 1% of all marketplace partner sales towards housing projects in impoverished areas. Allowing anyone, no matter where they are in the world, the basic fundamentals of decent living space.

Business Resolutions Charity

Business Resolutions for 2019: Health & Wellbeing

Healthy workers are happy workers, so how is your team’s health? Are they benefiting from a prosperous work-life balance? Are you offering perks and incentives to keep them productive and thriving? The key to maintaining productivity and low staff turnover is by keeping your finger on the pulse of workplace health. Make it one of your new year business resolutions. Changes might include regular workplace assessments, remote working where possible, and access to healthcare in-house.

Business Resolutions Health

Business Resolutions for 2019: Technology

Every year, significant advancements are made in the way of technology. How ahead of the curve is your business? If you’re still using archaic technology that’s impinging on your team’s ability to increase productivity, then vow to make a change. Hire a consultant to assess what technology could drive your business forward, and talk to your team. Discover what adds stress to their day and how they think you could make it better for them. Sometimes, something as simple as a software update can add value to your business while increasing staff happiness.

Business Resolutions Technology

2019 is definitely here. Have you thought of how can you grow your business and help it to thrive? Or how can you help your team to help you? There’s no time like the present to assess every aspect of your company and set some business resolutions for the new year. 

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10 Tricks That Will Help You Spend The Holidays Away From Home

December 26, 2018
Holidays Away From Home

Business professionals don’t always have the opportunity to go back home to spend the Holiday Season with their family and friends. Here are ten things you can do to enjoy the festive season this year while being away.

Day 1 – Make it Social

A great way to fight solitude, especially during the Holiday Season, is to get together. For example, try to reach out to friends or colleagues and invite them for a potluck. We spent long hours in front of computers and small devices; a great way to get to know people is to implement a no phone policy when meeting up. You will have more interactions during your potluck.

Holidays Get Social

Day 2 – Give Back

If the company you are currently working with have a volunteering activity during this season, you can participate; plus the holidays are all about giving back. You might be amazed to find that there are other people out seeking for some connection just as much as you are.

Holidays Give Back

Day 3 – Schedule a Video Call with your Family

I know a video call will never be the same as being present, but it’s a great way to communicate and see your loved ones. Getting together via webcam can be fun especially with your favourite people.

Holidays Video Call

Day 4 – Movie Night

Revisit the old classics by watching your favourite holiday movies. Ask people around you about theirs and make new memories you can share with them.

Holidays Movie Night

Day 5 – Ugly Sweater Contest

Get in the van wagon of the ugly sweater because it’s here to stay. Discover your hidden talent by organizing a contest. Side note: crafting your very own ugly sweater is much more fun than buying it.

Holidays Ugly Sweater

Day 6 – Make a List of Your Blessings

Most people who relocate usually did so to advance in their career, or because they simply landed their dream jobs. Making a list of the reasons why you moved and the blessings this year has brought is an excellent reminder of your goals and achievements. It can also keep your mind on a positive path.

Day 7 – Threat yourself

Taking time for yourself is crucial. What are the things you enjoy doing? Maybe it’s binge-watching Netflix for a day or going to a spa. Whatever it is taking time to reconnect with yourself and do something you love is as important as giving back.

Holidays Treat Yourself

Day 8 – Decorate your Space

Decorating your working space and home can be a great way to put you in a festive mood. It doesn’t have to be the typical decor. If you love a more natural decor, for example, a candle-filled lantern with green leaves can make your space feel warm and inviting. Decorate every nook and cranny of your office will also help spread the festive ambiance.

Holidays Decoration

Day 9 – Recreate Your Traditions

It’s important to take time to decide what traditions are important to us. Determine what key factors you want to recreate when it comes to the holidays. It can help manage the fact that you were not able to go back home.

Day 10 – Something New

You can create new memories that change the very meaning of the holidays for you. Switching up your usual plans can generate excitement and have something to look forward to.

When you are away for business during the holidays can be challenging. Take charge of your mood and happiness and cherish the good by focusing on the positive is what the festive season is all about. The goal is to enjoy the holidays wherever you are.

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